Fitness Center

At The Hines Center we are concerned with your health and fitness. That is why we have designed a state of the art Nautilus Room where you can exercise comfortably and achieve your fitness goals. There are many Nautilus machines which target different muscle groups for a complete body workout and shorten your usage wait time.

We are proud to present FitLixx; a computerized routine progress tracker. When you join The Hines Center we will help you get started on your way to total body fitness. After your account is created you will be able to track your daily workout routines. FitLixx can track the weight and repetitions you use on each machine and provide you with a customized workout routine. It can then track the calories you loose while you are exercising.

Ready for some heavy lifting? The Hines Center has a well stocked Weight Room with all of the training equipment you will need. Whether you are looking to buff up or merely tone up your muscles it will be easy in our clean, organized weight room.

You can mix fun and exercise at The Hines Center! We have SIX glass-enclosed Racquetball Courts for your enjoyment. Regulation sized rooms with beautiful hardwood floors and brightly painted court lines provide you a professional arena. Bring your own equipment or we can provide it for you. Glasses are required.

Racquetball not your game? No problem. Nets can be added to change the court into an indoor volleyball or walleyball game.

We also have a private trainer for all members, who can help you with all your work out needs.

We provide a totally modern and clean environment for our guests. We have semi-private showers that you may use when your workout is over.  We have lockers you can use daily or you can pay a monthly or yearly fee to have your fitness items at your convenience.

Please come and be our guest. Located in Philpot Kentucky, just outside of Owensboro.