The Hines Center is honored to be nominated for the 2009 Annual Small Businesses and Entrepreneur of the Year awards by the Owensboro Chamber of Commerce.

Here is the quote from their article:

The Hines Center
Previously a private facility, the Hines Center went public in 2006 and has grown to more than 500 members for its fitness center and a large banquet hall which accommodates weddings, anniversaries, corporate events and more. To meet its members’ needs, the fitness center has added structured fitness classes and personal trainers. Center staff also organized the effort to allow alcohol sales in what had been a dry precinct. The successful community vote to allow sales meant the center could obtain a convention center liquor license and made for overall safer events. The facility has also worked to overcome the perception that it is too far from Owensboro. These efforts have made the Hines Center the #1 choice in the community to hold large events.

External link to the Chamber of Commerce’s web site:

The Hines Center would like to thank the Chamber of Commerce for it’s recognition and the diligent work it performs to advance and promote our great city.